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Organisational Wellbeing

According to UK Health and Safety Executive stress statistics, work-related stress, depression or anxiety accounts for 49% of work-related ill health in 2022/2023.

Stress has a depleting effect on our productivity, resulting in a decrease of efficiency and loss of motivation, often ending in burnout and employee absence. This costs corporations millions of pounds every year.

Mindfulness-based interventions are easy, effective and proven tools to reduce stress in the workplace. Employees who practice mindfulness, learn how to identify and manage early symptoms of stress, which is crucial in preventing, and dealing with, anxiety, depression and burnout.


Our Mindfulness-Based Services for Institutions and Corporations

  • ‘Introduction to Mindfulness’ classes
  • ‘8-Week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Programme’ which is Jon Kabat Zinn’s original MBSR programme developed in the University of Massachusetts Medical School with proven affects for handling all sorts of challenging issues
  • ‘Anxiety and Burnout Support’ for learning the tools of simple and effective ways to create resilience
  • ‘Stress Management with Mindfulness’ for learning the proven mindfulness practices against stress, and incorporating them into our daily lives
  • ‘1-day Intensive Courses’ for in-depth understanding of wellbeing concepts and how to benefit from them
  • ‘Employee Mentoring Programmes’ for confidential individual support
  • ‘Mindful Leadership Programmes’ for creating strong corporate culture with conscious and effective leaders
  • ‘HR Consulting’ for overall employee wellbeing including conflict resolution, individual support, conscious recruiting
  • ‘Conscious Communication Programmes’ to enhance self-awareness, empathy, and navigate conflicts effectively
  • One-to-one consultation for managers and leaders
  • ‘Getting Back to Work Support’ especially after postpartum or sickness
  • Custom designed services to meet the specific group and schedule requirements




How your organisation and your employees benefit

Our tailored approach offers a multitude of benefits that help you thrive in:

  • Understanding and actively using mindfulness principles for improved work life
  • Recognising signs of stress at an early stage and skilfully managing them
  • Identifying your unique stress triggers and developing tailored coping mechanisms
  • Effectively applying mindfulness tools into your routines for stress prevention
  • Enhancing focus and self-awareness through attention exercises
  • Experiencing a surge in vitality, drive, and effectiveness
  • Cultivating resilience to navigate high-pressure work situations with ease
  • Learning how to implement mindfulness practices post training, ensuring enduring wellbeing


Our ethos in delivering mindfulness to your workplace

The goal of Mindfulness Hub is to equip individuals with a solid set of skills that can be used not only during the training sessions, but throughout life. All of Mindfulness Hub’s programmes alternate between theory and practice, which supports a balanced and experience-oriented learning approach.
Our services strictly follow the mindfulness principles presented in the original Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Programme developed in the University of Massachusetts Medical school by Jon Kabat-Zinn, who is regarded as the creator of the modern and secular mindfulness that is widely used in the Western World. 



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