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One-to-one Mindfulness Mentoring consists of tailor-made sessions that address your unique requirements. This allows you to receive support working with mindfulness tools that will directly impact and improve your life.  

Training sessions can be face to face or online (dependent upon location as well as government health advice during COVID). Dates and times of the sessions are mutually agreed on to fit your own schedule for a higher efficiency, comfort and privacy. There will also be some home assignments as they empower you to implement your learnings so that you continue to gain strength, vitality and motivation between sessions. You will be monitored, informed and guided throughout this process.

Individual sessions consist of a combination of theory and practice such as:

  • guided attention exercises
  • implementation of practical daily tools for managing stress
  • monitoring, guidance and inspiration
  • special tools to identify stress symptoms and manage them skilfully
  • awareness and management of emotion, thought, reaction triangle
  • audio files and useful materials
  • home assignments



If you are looking for a meaningful present, choose from our training packages and we will send you a gift certificate!

    • Gift certificates are valid for six months and are non-refundable.
    • Sessions are held face-to-face in London or online.
    • Training dates & times are determined in mutual agreement with the gift certificate holder.



e-mail: info@mindfulnesshub.co.uk   |   instagram: @mindfulnesshub.co.uk