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Individual Mindfulness Mentoring

One-to-one Mindfulness Mentoring is a personalised journey tailored to meet your unique needs. Our bespoke sessions are designed to provide targeted support using mindfulness tools, directly enhancing and transforming your life.


Experience the sessions conveniently from the comfort of your own space as all mentoring sessions are conducted online through Zoom.


Flexibility is key. We work together to establish dates and times that seamlessly align with your schedule, ensuring optimal efficiency, comfort, and privacy.


Embark on a holistic approach with a combination of theory and practical application:

  • Guided Attention Exercises: Enhance focus and mindfulness through expert-led exercises.
  • Daily Tools for Stress Management: Receive practical techniques to navigate and manage stress in your daily life.
  • Monitoring, Guidance, and Inspiration: Benefit from ongoing support, guidance, and motivation throughout your journey.
  • Specialised Stress Identification and Management Tools: Learn effective strategies to identify and skillfully manage stress symptoms.
  • Awareness and Management of Emotion, Thought, Reaction Triangle: Develop skills to navigate the intricate interplay of emotions, thoughts, and reactions.
  • Audio Files and Useful Materials: Access resources to reinforce your learning beyond the sessions.
  • Home Assignments: Implement your learnings with empowering home assignments, fostering continuous growth, strength, and vitality between sessions.


Contact us to book your session, elevate your wellbeing, and embrace a more mindful life. We’ll be there for you at every step, offering support, guidance, and insights.


e-mail: info@mindfulnesshub.co.uk   |   instagram: @mindfulnesshub.co.uk