About Esen Sekerkarar

Born in 1977, Esen is a Wellbeing Consultant working mainly with corporations. She is a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) trainer, and the founder of Mindfulness Hub. She obtained her accredited qualification as an MBSR teacher from the University of Massachusetts Medical School, where the trademarked programme was founded. She is also a Certified MBSR teacher by the Mindfulness Center at Brown University in the USA.

In her consultations and services, Esen uses the proven approaches of the MBSR programme. She is also trained in “Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness” by the Oxford University Mindfulness Centre and experienced in delivering this approach into her services.

Esen is also trained in teaching mindfulness to children. She completed her .b” training at Mindfulness in Schools Project (MiSP) in London, which is a non-profit organisation operating in the field of mental health in the UK, and delivers .b curriculum to 11-18-year-olds in schools, and other educational youth-related organisations.


Esen has a background in organising international and national conferences and workshops that attracted researchers, scientists, authors, journalists, and globally renowned teachers as guest speakers. She was also the co-writer of a weekly documentary TV program broadcast on one of the national TV channels. Engaging in writing articles for various international magazines and journals, Esen has contributed significantly to the field. Moreover, she has been lecturing internationally at conferences since 2002.

Esen has lived and worked internationally (USA, Turkiye, Switzerland, Denmark, Portugal, UK) for many years, which has broadened her experience working with a wide variety of social, ethnic and academic groups. Before moving to London, she lived and worked in Denmark, where she managed a psychology clinic and provided mindfulness services and training programmes to companies, institutions and individuals.


Esen has extensive experience, not only in teaching mindfulness, but also adapting mindfulness-based approaches into different concepts and environments.

  • One example is her collaboration with MCM Comic Con, the world’s largest comic convention, in a social responsibility project for several years. This event is known as the Met Gala of the comic world and attracts literally thousands of visitors daily. During these events, Esen offered mindfulness support to visitors experiencing anxiety.


  • Also from 2021 to 2023, she collaborated with the IVF Department in Acibadem Kozyatagi Hospital, one of Turkiye’s most prestigious hospitals, and has been offering mindfulness interventions to IVF patients in supporting them through stressful and emotional treatment. This project has great significance in the field of mindfulness in Turkiye as it is the first mindfulness-related project to ever be implemented in a Turkish hospital.


  • Esen also collaborated with Allergan. She created video content for the brand’s Instagram and YouTube accounts, where she shared practical mindfulness tips monthly for the brand’s followers that could be easily implemented in daily life. This collaboration lasted for one year, with one video content piece for each month. Esen also supported the Allergan team on another project called ‘Higher and Together’ through training she conducted to prepare the team for an upcoming intense period ahead and provided them with practical tools to handle challenges during such periods. She also conducted similar training programmes for numerous other brands.


  • Esen’s main focus is fostering an employee-centric culture and conscious business for which she works actively with firms offering Organisational Wellbeing and Human Resources Consulting in the areas of mindful leadership, conscious recruitment, employee wellbeing, individual mentoring, mental and emotional support and work-life balance solutions. She works with a diverse range of clients, including both national and international companies such as Dyson, Leo Pharma, Peakon, L’OrĂ©al, Starbucks, Le Pain Quotidien, The Body Shop, Allergan and more.


Esen provides her services on an international scale, offering both in-person and online consultations.


Brown University Teacher Recognition for Certified MBSR Teachers

Esen is recognised as a Certified MBSR Teacher by the Brown University. You can click here to view the full list of Certified MBSR Teachers around the world: https://www.brown.edu/public-health/mindfulness/teacher-training/mbsr-teacher-recognition