Connecting You to Self-Empowerment

Mindfulness Hub offers evidence-based mindfulness interventions empowering you to manage all stress-related issues, feel more calm, cultivate more resilience and well-being in all areas of your life with the support of Esen Sekerkarar, who is a mindfulness trainer and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher qualified by Center for Mindfulness, University of Massachusetts Medical School.

Courses, workshops, training programmes for individuals, groups, schools and corporations held primarily in London, UK and internationally.

All sessions are currently being held online.



Do you often catch yourself feeling uneasy during the day?

Are you suffering from sleep disorders?

Do you tend to think of the worst case scenario most of the time?

Is your chronic pain making life miserable for you?

How is your relationship with food and cravings?

Do you often get distracted and procrastinate?

Have you started to lack feelings of joy and enthusiasm?

Or maybe you have this weird feeling that there is something “missing” in your life

Our mind is most of the time either in the past; ruminating about all the unpleasant memories, or in the future; constantly scheduling, planning and worrying about how things will unfold. This way of living is the main cause of stress and other unhealthy ways of relating to what is going on in our lives. Then the symptoms start to arise; like sleep disorders, overthinking, burnout, anxiety, irritation, aggressiveness… you name it!

Mindfulness helps us calm this voice that has a never ending list of “what I want/don’t want, what should be/shouldn’t be…” When we start practicing mindfulness, we begin to become aware of this non-stop mind chattering and how it is effecting our relationship to our family, friends, work, health, and our very own!

We cannot control life.. But we can have power over our reactions and the way we relate to our issues. Embodiment of peace, calm and resilience is possible, and these qualities are already within us! We may simply need qualified support to get us back on track. That’s why Mindfulness Hub’s motto is Connecting You to Self-Empowerment.¬†



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